Best currency to hold right now?

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  1. If you were to hold just one currency now and have all your cash in that currency, which would it be and why? Obviously it should be the safest of all currencies considering all your cash will be held in this donomination.
  2. Euro or British Pound.
  3. Yenski and the Loonie
  4. This should be interesting:p

  5. pound.
  6. What the heck is the Yenski! The Loonie, the CD, that's a good one.
  7. Why, the Yenski is a Japanese/Polish hybrid currency of course.

    The Loonie is a tune available on CD for 11 Yenski's:p

  9. Chinese Yuan.

    They will be forced to evaluate numerous times in coming years.

    Of course opening an acct, or trading it could be a challenge.

    Pound? Many people say this because they just raised rates outta the blue, but when cable is near $2.00 its a struggle. Long term I see US i rates at least equal to theirs.

    Loonie? Only if you think the oil/commodity play has legs. They've had great numbers last few years, but its almost entirely due to commodity prices/exports (same with Brazil). Canada is basically a very educated third world country as a major portion of GDP is from raw materials.

    If you aren't planning on travel abroad, I wouldn't worry a whole lot. In the short term, dollar denominated investments could get hammered, but in the long term, it could turn on a dime given any of a number of scenarios. Maybe just diversify LT funds a little, and focus on trading profits?

    Just my 2 cents.
  10. Long GBP/JPY, short USD/CNY, short USD/MXN.
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