Best currency pair to trade during the day

Discussion in 'Forex' started by nwoptions, Dec 16, 2020.

  1. nwoptions


    Hi guys, a lot of forex strategies I've read about involve trading from 12am EST to 8am EST (Eg the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD).

    I don't feel like staying up during those hours. I need my sleep.

    Can you recommend some pairs that trade well during the day?

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  3. Trader Curt

    Trader Curt

    Yeah, BTC/USDT is the best it gets
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  4. SanMiguel


    During the day?
    Eurusd and GBPUSD
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  5. Dwayne


    USDCHF can be a good option too. Got some good spreads on that pair with fxview. Check out your broker, if it works out.
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  6. nwoptions


    Thanks for the input. I was told these were the worst pairs to trade because they lack volatility during the day. Do you agree with this?
  7. zenlot


    Depends on what is "day" for you.
  8. nwoptions


    Thanks for the reply. By day I mean 930am to 4pm EST, like the US stock market.
  9. SanMiguel


    They certainly do not lack volatility during US hours - that's insane, who told you that?
    You see USD in the currency pair, yes - when do you think the bulk of US dollars moves?!

    Sure, fx markets are known for waking up with the initial moves during European hours but the same happens again when there is US news, stock markets moving, etc.
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  10. I mostly day trade, so for me its EURUSD and GBPUSD because it exhibits the best ration and it is also one of the most traded currency pair in the world.
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