best courses or books to learn day trading?

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    I want to trade forex and in the future I want to move to commodity futures when I have more money

    also I know the title says day trading but I'm also interested in swing trading

    I want to learn both and then decide which is better for me
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  4. A lot of ppl like Kathy Liens “day trading the currency market”. I feel a lot of that book applies to swing trading also. I would read and learn a lot about price action. You’ll need a lot of books not just one. Get some on trading psychology, some informing you about the markets you’re interested in FX, some with systems. Books will only take you so far, after learning a lot of it is practice and time. But books can give you a foundation.

    Trading in the zone by Mark Douglas

    Trade to win by Ari Kiev

    Trader mind by Steve ward

    Trading for a living by Alexander Elder

    Millionaire Traders by Kathy lien and Boris sclossberg

    Day trading the currency market by Kathy lien.

    Forex trading for maximum profit by Raghee Horner

    7 winning strategies for Forex by Grace Cheng.

    Just a list to get you started first three are trader psychology some are general trading for a living short book but covers a lot. The website Babypips will give you a lot of General info. But it’s like a sport knowledge is necessary but only takes you so far.
  5. Your own personal trading journal.
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    There's a very large overlap between "what you have to learn" for each, anyway.

    I started on spot forex, and later switched to futures, myself. If it helps at all, I've described more or less how I got started in this post.

    (With no offense intended at all to FXbeachbum, I think a couple of the books mentioned in his post above are really absolutely dreadful. Perhaps all that shows is that opinions will always vary hugely, when it comes to book recommendations. There are some of mine in the post linked to above, anyway.)
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    Read Van K Tharps 'Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom' first, before you read anything else. Seriously.
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    I agree. I did. It was very helpful indeed. [​IMG]
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    Probably the best book I have read on trading still to this date. Have you read his Definitive Guide To Position Sizing? That thing is a slog but very good too.

  10. Haha that was the first one I ordered, just came!
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