best country to trade from in CET (or thereabouts)

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  1. tortoise


    For an American trader thinking of relocating to Europe, what are the best options, and why?


    1) connectivity/time zone (more or less equal among candidates, right?)

    2) tax structure (in light of peculiar tax strictures on American citizens)

    3) quality-of-life (for a newcomer, partly dependent on vitality of expat community, I would imagine)

    4) ?

    5) ?

    Might we start a discussion here?

  2. moarla


    gibralter :)
    no tax
    near spain coast
    CME and EUREX direct access from there

    trading only futures: Italy 12,5% tax (capital gain)
  3. d08


    Live in Norway/Sweden/Denmark, vacation 2 weeks every year in Spain/Greece/Italy, trade under a LLC (personal income tax is high in Scandinavia).
  4. Europe:

    a) Monte Carlo (no tax)
    b) Cyprus (low tax, offshore friendly, English is an official second language)
    c) Gibralatar (l/no tax)
    d) Switzerland (low lump sum taxation)

    Alternative for the adventurous: South Africa, CET time zone, cheap cost of living, English widely spoken in Capetown.

    If you're an American you would have to look at ways of losing your US citizenship which I understand is not an easy task but well worth it if you're looking at your next 50 years of taxes.
  5. just21


    Tallinn, Estonia, freezing in winter but the most beautiful, compact old town. Flat rate tax, angelic women.
  6. A Nice Yacht... 12 nautical miles offshore...

    Freedom of the Seas...
  7. d08


    LOL, I disagree (the women flirt like crazy with foreigners, thats true).
  8. 1. More about the taxes there.

    2. Photos of the angelic women there.
  9. d08


    1. Income tax flat 21% for 2008, 20% for 2009. No capital gains for LLCs, though you will pay income or dividend tax on that. LLCs are relatively easy to create, can be done online without going in.
  10. And the women???
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