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    lets say you declared yourself a non U.S. resident, can't you just set up an account in a tax free country but then go live somewhere else and trade from there?
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    Hi @alexanderhu

    I am currently living in Budapest, but not yet registered as a tax payer in Hungary.

    If you could answer these questions, that would be of great help :

    - How much taxes should i pay if i trade US futures on my own name through a US-based broker ?

    - How much taxes should i pay if i trade CFD on my own name with a CFD EU-based broker ?

    Is this for both cases 15% with no additional taxes (social security..) ?

    Thank you !
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    I think it is at least 15% and 14% health tax. Read page 25 RATES in the added PDF.
    Seek professional advice in Hungary as it can be a matter of interpretation. Some EU countries have the bad habit to use the logic that brings the most taxes in.

    Example: in country A daytrading is capital gains taxed at 33%. But the taxing country can say that they consider it as a job so it should be taxed at much higher rates and there should be paid social security too.

    Be very careful. A fiscal ruling is the safest way to go.
    Your US broker will sent all detailed info from your trading to Hungary (ministry of finance). So you cannot hide anymore.
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    I think this is not true. USA are one of the few countries that do not participate in CRS.
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    Read footnote 1 in the pdf added.
    Interactive brokers USA is giving all standard information to the country where the client is originated from I think.
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    Not where he is originated from, but where he has proved to live and stated his local Tax Id No.
    Especially from W8-Ben.
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    Correct, that was what I wanted to post. Fiscale domicile.
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    Thank you for the pdf, it does indeed say "The personal income tax is a flat rate of 15%. A 14% health tax is imposed on certain passive income, e.g. dividend income, capital gains and income exceeding HUF 1 million from the rental of real property."

    Earlier in this thread, @alexanderhu wrote this, so i would like to get his take on it :
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    Found this :

    « If you trade with a controlled capital market participant, it is enough to pay the 15% personal income tax. If the brokerage firm does not belong to this category, then a 27% health contribution is payable on income.

    Controlled capital market participant : Companies with the permission of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, with the permission of the competent body in the EU Member State, or operating in a country with which Hungary has a double taxation convention, and the relevant institution in that state supervises the investment service provider or exchange information with State and the MNB.

    On this website you can check which provider has MNB license: »

    Sources :

    So it seems that the tax is 15% if you trade with any EU broker, and is also 15% if you trade with a US broker that exchange information with Hungary. (no additional taxes)
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  10. Hi VKING75,

    If you trade with a US or EU brokerage company, regulated in the US or EU, then 15% flat, no social security, no additional levies, charges or taxes, nothing, assuming that you're a Hungarian tax resident only.
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