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Discussion in 'Options' started by sle, Oct 29, 2011.

Good sign to carry to a broker party

  1. Stop Theta Decay!

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  2. Say No To Barrier Knockouts!

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  3. Convexity is Ruining Our Lives!

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  4. Variance Is the Enemy of The People!

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  1. sle


    I am going to a broker party tonight dressed as an Occupy Wall Street protester and trying to think what would be a good sign to carry with me. Please vote ASAP!
  2. sle


    just thought of another one:
    "End Bonus Reductions!"
  3. "I would like to straddle you"


    "Would you like to see my iron condor?"
  4. sle


    that would earn me a smack from my Mrs... she's coming with me, obviously...
  5. newwurldmn


    I thought about being that as well, but wasn't sure if people would get it.
  7. "Will you be my outlier protection?"

    Ok, I'm done now.
  8. The OWSers carry signs that say "We protest corporate greed" You should get a sign that says "We protect corporate greed"

    Oh and if they give you one of those name tags at the party, you should have it say. Hi, my name is MACDaddy. :p
  9. These always work well, for most any occasion