Best computer games

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    List your favorites and tell us, why. Maybe we can find a few ones, we missed.

    I personally like creative ones, those that requires imagination, creativity and thinking. My old time favorite is a newer version of the old Commodore 64 game called Boulder Dash. This one is called:

    -- Sapphire Yours

    If you like chess, this is a game for you with 100s of levels and levelmaking ability. Creativity at its finest, made by a few Austrian gamemakers.

    Another one is a simply bouncing ball game, with incredible design and graphics:

    --Ricochet or Rebound

    Again, so many levels, and levelmaking ability. You can download other users' levels from the net. So far 3 versions were produced.

    And a last one is a rollaercoaster simulator:

    -- NoLimits rollercoaster

    Excellent design, and you can make your own ride, limited only by your imagination. Other user's rides are downloadable from the net...