Best commissions Realtick platform broker?

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  1. If you're consistently trading 25k - 30k shares a day, what should you be paying per share (all inclusive) using a Realtick-based broker?

    My broker tells me that since I use ARCA mostly (which is owned by same ppl as Realtick), his costs are higher -- does this make sense, or should I look for a broker that has a better business connection with realtick/ARCA?
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    Check out under their brokers sections, the brokers fees are all very similiar. They generally break down the cost per trade. Realtick is usually "free" if you make at least 50 trades (25 roundtrips) per month. Below is an example of one of their brokers fees.

    Price per trade
    $10/trade 500+ trades per month
    $13/trade 250-499 trades per month
    $15/trade 0-249 trades per month
    Price per trade is based on trades up to 2500 shares. For each share over 2500 a $0.005 per share charge will apply.

    ECN Fees
    Archipelago ARCA $ .0025/share
    Island ISLD $ .002/share
    RediBook REDI $ .005/share
    New York Stock Exchange (ISI) NYSE (ISI) $ .005/share
    American Stock Exchange (ISI) AMEX (ISI) $ .005/share
    Instinet INCA $ .003/share
    Bloomberg Trade Book BTRD $ .0080/share

    SNET $0.10 per order
    $0.90 per execution
    cancel fee $0.25 per order

    SuperSOES SOES $0.10 per order (not execution)
    cancel fee = $0.25 per order

    SEC fee (sales only) SEC $0.00003 (multiplied by the total sales proceeds)

  3. Thanks for the post, I checked that out too but don't really like getting charged per ticket.

    Any broker offering something competitive with Tradestation (1.2 cents for first 500 shares, .6 cents/share above 500) but using Realtick?
  4. You forgot OES for listed executions in Real Tick: per share

    $00.035 mkt/mkt'able lmt NYSE & Amex
    $00.01 lmt NYSE & Amex
    $00.0025 Regionals

  5. You are not going to get cents/share from Townsend (RT). They just refuse to do it.
  6. Which really is a pitty. I would switched to a RT broker if they had per share commissions. $15 flat each way is just nuts for some trading styles.
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    About four years ago, I was setup at 1 cent per share with a broker using RealTick; However, that was not the normal setup for other clients with the broker. I think that is entirely up to the broker to set the fee structure for a client. Exceptions are made.

  8. nobletrading was close - they used to do a max of 1.5/share plus $2-3 if you used RT and kept 25k in your acct, but they now (even though they call it "per share") impose a $7.50 ticket charge, and you pay more per share above $7.50.

    it always makes me laugh when brokers call "per share" pricing with a minimum charge what is really a ticket charge. if you think about it, even datek offers per share pricing, only with a $9.99 minimum charge, and you pay a "per share" fee for >5,000sh.

    ticket charges suck ass, unless the ticket charge itself is a cap, like with bright.

    the reality is that TAL wants to make money, and they make more money by necessitating ticket charges per trade. i wonder how much longer RT will exist apart from its charting.
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    RealTick is not a brokerage firm nor are we affiliated with any brokerage firm. We provide our products and services to brokerage firms who in turn offer RealTick to clients.

    Our website ( Lists the preferred brokers that use RealTick. These brokerage firms set their commission plans (either per ticket or per share). So you will need to speak to them about a per share deal.

    I just wanted to clarify the relationship between RealTick and the brokerage firms that use our software.
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    It might have been helpful to also point out to the newbies that Townsend Analytics is owned by the same people who created and own Tera Nova Trading (a broker) and the ARCA ECN. While I certainly agree that RealTick (Townsend) is not a broker, they do (shall we say) have an extremely tight relationship with one particular broker and one ECN. Just further clarifying, for the record.

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