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    I currently pay a good rate of 2.40 per side for NQ (that's I.B.s all-in rate), but as an active trader those commissions add up to a big heap of money at the end of the day.

    Was wonderin if I could do better than this?

    I know some prop firms also offer e-minis but so far they haven't bothered to get back to me on the commissions question.

    Does anyone beat IB on this? Thanks.
  2. Try transact futures
  3. If you are an active trader why are you using IB's bundled rate of $2.40 a side? For ES, NQ and ER2 unbundled starts at $2.35, drops to $2.15 afer 300 sides and $1.80 after 1000 sides.

    It is easy to find lower rates than IB. Velocity currently offers an all in rate of $1.99 a side with free NinjaTrader. TransAct Futures offers an all in rate of $1.88 a side if you do at least 548 sides a month.

    The lowest published rate is from Eagle Market Makers at $1.56 a side, but you have to pay for the TT X_Trader platform. That only works for traders doing heavy volume.

    Keep in mind that IB pays interest on futures account cash over $10k while almost all other futures brokers pay zero. IB's API is also a plus.
  4. Unless your doing some decent size $4-5 R/T is the norm. If you are doing big size you can always lease/buy a seat on the exchange.
  5. Open ECry has been very competitive for me.

    As the above post says, leasing a seat is the next step to reducing fees if the costs warrant it.
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    Thank you jeb9999.

    We're also running another special currently -

    Free X_Trader
    4.73 per RT all in ES, NQ, ER2 etc.
  7. It would be customer friendly if you would update the commissions part of your website to explain your NinjaTrader offer. I only see xTrader information there. If you have information on NinjaTrader and commissions on your site it is well hidden. The single page I get by clicking on your EliteTrader ad doesn't even mention the $1.99 commission.
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    Our entire website is currently being redesigned. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  9. Velocity, Dont you also have free Ninja where you reimburse the $60 monthly fee ?
  10. I only trade YM....I pay 3.22 roundtrip, all fees included, at Advantage Futures.
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