Best commission rates for the E-mini micro index futures

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    Just because someone ONCE worked for a fund, a broker, held financial credentials, was an owner of x% of a publicly traded company, etc, does not mean "forever banned" from opening a personal, unrelated account. Jobs, circumstances, and lives change... all part of "know thy customer" rules and regs that have been around for as long as I can remember.

    I'll date myself... when I was sitting on an OTC trading desk, my compliance department required notification of ALL trades I made in a personal and completely unrelated Smith Barney account. Compliance had the authority to disallow (aka. cancel) ANY trade I made in that account, with no recourse for myself in the event such trade cancellation occurred or resulted in loss or profit. Obviously, Smith Barney compliance agreed to that solution, given the facts and circumstances at that time.
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    We have no problems opening accounts that require additional statements being cc'd to compliance departments of other firms as long as this is DISCLOSED during the application process.

    We have many accounts like this...if you are working in the financial industry (including banking) - please provide this information during your application process, so we can get the proper documents and processes in place to maintain a proper compliance relationship.

    This is standard industry requirements for as long as we know is really easy. Just need to do it.
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    How much RT for the YM through IB?
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    Dude, we told you in two other threads! $0.85 USD, plus exchange and clearing fees! UG!
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    Well Shaggy perhaps the museum here could update it's interface so i didn't have to ask the help
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    Dear AMP Team!
    Thank You for your BAN, I find better solution for me, I hope this would help for other traders that are BAN by AMP:
    They have great mobile app,
    Best Regards
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    Edge Clear is proud to introduce $0.98 ALL IN round turn Micro Indices commissions!
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    It's a not so funny thing... When researching brokers, namely AMP, I came across this thread and after reading your issue, I thought to myself, "how unfortunate" that they would disable your account. Now, I find myself in the same situation. I paper traded futures, opened a live acct with AMP, wired funds, etc. I have been watching videos from different mentors. I requested two data feeds and after seeing the suggestion of using Rithmic with Bookmap, I requested a change from CQG.

    I received an email from support and wasn't clear on the fees so I called them for answers. I still was confused so I said, "I'm putting my spouse on the phone." He proceeded to ask the rep a few questions and I was in the background asking him to ask one question in particular about the fees. The rep gave instructions and I proceeded to fill out the form. Today, I get an email from compliance that after a review of the phone call, it's clear that I have given access to a third party to my account and that my account has been disabled and will not be allowed to take any live trades.

    First, there haven't been any trades taken so far. Second, we are talking about my spouse who I stated I was putting on the phone and essentially asking the rep to explain things to my spouse in an effort to have it made clear to me. AMP said they can't take the risk. I find this insane. Someone could have called me and got clarification. How is putting my spouse on the phone to explain what my goals are and get clarification for me considered an "unacceptable risk" ? I have been bothered by the fact that I put so much time and research into getting this all set up only to be somehow accused of wrong-doing? Feeling bad for putting my spouse on a call that ironically he didn't want to be bothered with in the first place with no benefit of the doubt from AMP.

    If someone has a recommendation for another broker for trading the micro futures (CME) pls share. I prefer to have one that uses ACH for funding which is not an option with AMP. Thank you.
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    Thanks for your reply at least You know how I feel. Please try they are proffesionals.

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