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  1. I know being pro and non pro is a sticking point in the disclosure criteria that these brokerages use. I do not know if AMP even has clients that disclose they are pro. Maybe AMP wants retail non pro only...

    If AMP chose to not do business with PRO's would you have a problem with that stradale? Do you believe that AMP can do business with whom they wish for whatever fluid reason?


    P.S. I do not work for or represent AMP. I am just a customer there and a member here.

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  2. stradale


    This was AMP Compliance Team one of the first email about my account, as You can see there was no problem, but now there is problem:

    "Your trading account has been disabled until we receive a letter of compliance from your employer. We will need a letter from your employer on company letterhead stating that they are aware of you having a trading account at AMP. This letter must be signed by your superior. Also, this letter must state whether or not they would require copies of your account statements. If they would like copies of your account statements, please ask that they included an email address within the letter.

    If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    Compliance Team"
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  3. stradale,

    How do you feel about this? Why do you think that they have this policy in place? Do you think it is a well-founded premise?

    Apparantly they need to review their policies in place with all of their team members as there seemed to be no communication with their departments between emails.

    I find this all over the place in most companies. The changing structure of companies and their management style seem to foster "independent decision makers" trumping a company-wide policy. It seems to be more of a problem today in company cultures than it used to be.


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  4. stradale


    I think they simple do not want additional work, emails... they have so many clients that they can cancel one of them. We as traders need another broker with as good commissions and platforms as AMP so there will be real competition.
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  5. Thanks stradale...I agree with competiton being good. In my opinion, this is what has made the USA as great as it is.


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  6. Overnight


    The plot thickens. This is not just some individual retail trader deal, this involves a company, and possibly a corporate account?
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    This is individual retail trader deal. But because I was working in investment fund there can be conflict of interest, so my employer need to know what I was trading. Since I started working in investment fund I could not trade at all without asking for permission Compliance Department. So every quarter I need to show statement from all my accounts. If I would not tell AMP that I started working in investment fund there will be no problem...because soon I will end my work in investment fund so I was expecting AMP will make no problem for me to unlock my account, but I was wrong.
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  8. Are you allowed to re-apply when you are finished at the investment fund or are you forever banned from AMP?

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    I think that I am forever banned :( Maybe I will open account here: but they do not have Sierra favorite :)
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  10. I would hope that AMP would reconsider after you leave the Fund if it is more than 6 months from now.

    Good Trading to you my friend and don't get jaded after this terrible thing that has happened to you personally.


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