Best commission rates for the E-mini micro index futures

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    Big AAPL

    I am going with AMP's decision... you were denied for a reason. As a customer of AMP I appreciate their stringent requirements. There are plenty of brokers willing to take your money.
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  2. stradale


    Probably yes, but AMP do not want to say what is real problem.
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    I am guessing that the real problem is you not reaching out to them on the PHONE?

    "...This is a public forum, so we will not be able to provide any further details."

    That intimates that they can give you more details in private. Maybe on the phone. Just a guess.
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    There's something else that you gotta' realize. When it comes to the CME and futures, the exchange tells the FCM that they gotta' have such-and-such in their segregated account or whatever to get into the trade. Discount brokers take it on the chin and offer you very low margins by going on the hook for you.

    They are, effectively, using money they have in storage to cover YOUR lack of funds to enter said position.

    Don't take discount brokerages for granted in the futures world. They are using their discretion on you, to determine how much of a risk you will be to all the other members in that segregated fund account.

    Folks like IB have more money than God, so they can take chances on the riskier types. Like Big AAPL says...I am glad AMP is a bit more strict in their determinations, for it protects the other folks in that pool from the more raucos types.

    Of course, I could be typing out of my ass on this, but that is how I reckon' it.
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  5. What do you believe the real problem is and why? I know you have already posted it...but just reply here for the record.


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  7. I hope you folks can understand. When a Broker makes a decision not to do business with someone there is no way to spin it positive. It is just best to not state a reason as no one just says ok Thank You...they do not move on and additional statements as to "why" does not accomplish anything but a bad taste in the traders mouth and bad advertising for the broker.

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  8. Here in the USA the regulation is very open ended and we are a litigious society. When the NFA states "get to know your customer" what the hell does this mean?

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    Think of it like the Overserving Alcohol laws...
    The broker can be held responsible if the instruments and vehicles the client wants to participate with are inappropriate for the clients facts and circumstances. The broker must make an official attempt/effort to learn those facts and circumstances.
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    Maybe AMP thinks that I was using free platforms and non-pro data feed fee in investment fund, maybe because I am outside US...friend of my friend have the same issue with AMP, he was working at local stock exchange and his account was also blocked....
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