Best commission rates for the E-mini micro index futures

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  1. Overnight


    Geez man, just give it a rest at this point. Sure. Go and call the CFTC, and complain to them about AMP, a FCM, declining doing business with you. See what they say to you, and listen to what you may hear under their breath.
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  2. stradale


    AMP decision is very strange for me. I send them few statments showing that I am able to make a lot of volume... wonder with who they want to make business :)
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  3. AMP_Global

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    Yes, AMP is a brokerage. We are in the business of servicing as many customers as we earn.

    We have structured our business to be able to support ALL customer levels, from beginners to professional traders, from account balances as low as $100 and up, from just demo trading to high volume trading.

    We offer ALL our customers over 40+ trading platforms, 4 data-feeds and super low commissions and day trade margins:

    We strive to be the preferred futures broker for all traders, regardless of your trading volume, account balance, experience...we are here to support you 24 hours per day to reach your trading goals.

    If your account was disabled by compliance, it was for a reason.

    This is a public forum, so we will not be able to provide any further details.
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  4. stradale


    That is the issue that soon there will be no reason, and AMP do not want to unlock my account...I will end my work in investment fund by the end of November...
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  5. bbpp


    Did you try other discount futures brokers? There are plenty.
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  6. tiddlywinks


    AMP: +100
    stradale: ZEE-RO!!
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  7. stradale


    Yes, no problem with other brokers.
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  8. bbpp


    So just go with whichever broker accept you.
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  9. Generally, AMP has the best commish.

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  10. So you are considered a Professional which is the issue...right?


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