Best commission rates for the E-mini micro index futures

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    Ideally, what you should do, is call their compliance department ON THE PHONE, and ask them with your VOICE, why you are being rejected. From there you may find some answers, and may be able to resolve whatever conflict there might be. All this shit on paper is just going to lead to standardized and canned responses. Why not try to get a bit more personal?

    A phone call can carry the weight of a hundred typed messages, simply because it carries an extra dimension of interaction. Use the phone for what it was intended...A PHONE CALL.

    Last person I suggested this to, when dealing with AMP, got positive results. You might get that too. It cannot hurt to try, instead of dismissing them like a computer, the way their computer may be dismissing you.
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    Find a brokerage that WILL "accommodate an account" for you before you get concerned with commissions and fees.

    Start with the various ET-advertiser brokers listed at the bottom of most pages. Optimus, Cannon Trading, Interactive Brokers, Tradovate, NinjaTrader. All ET advertiser futures brokers... Start shopping.
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    I call AMP twice and there was nobody to talk from compliance team, l will try few more times.
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    AMP send me this email again:


    No, Sir. I cannot unlock your account. A business decision has been made to disable your account. Your account cannot be reinstated.

    All the best to you

    Compliance Team"

    No comment :)
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  5. stradale...

    this is none of my business...but may I offer you some help? View this as one door closing and opportunity for another door to open. If you are a Christian...God is your Valet...but much more than that!

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    When I send email:
    "Can You please explain why" there was no replay :)
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    I agree I am Christian.
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  8. damage control

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    Do You think that I should or can inform about this situation Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)?
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  10. Why...What did they do wrong? They can do business with whom they wish. They have no obligation to you and they have not broken any rules. They must get to know their customer is what the regs state...well they got to know you through your application and they chose not to do business with you.
    Move on...


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