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    I don't like all these fancy coffees like SBUX, Caribou, Seattles Best, etc. But I tell you, I really like Dunkin Donughts coffee. The only other coffee that I really like is green mountain, but it is somewhat expensive. Quality/$, nothing beats Dunkin Donughts imo.

    Yum :p
  2. Gave coffee up for green tea spritzers. Coffee contains too much caffeine which plays havoc with your energy levels, blood pressure and so forth. Can raise your BP 10 or 15 points can you imagine what that does over a couple decades?
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    my favorite also
  4. WaWa if you have one of their stores is very good.
  5. Alterra is good. They are based out of Milwaukee, so they don't have the national recognition, and they aren't much cheaper either. I have to admit I can taste the difference in coffees, and find Starbucks and Alterra to be good. The Dunkin Donoughts is pretty average to me at least. When I buy from Starbukcs or Alterra I only buy coffee as opposed to the fancy drinks. It is still not a deal compared to at home, but I usually only go to either when I am running to early morning sports for the kids. Like 7 am on a Saturday soccer training for the youngest. I drop him at 645 and run to Starbucks for a large, or whatever I have to call it for them, and then drink and do my analysis for the week.
  6. It also depends on what you like. I like the French roast or Italian blend. For me I like actual taste, the same as beer for me. I love Guinness because of the flavor, and coffee is the same, I want a flavor I enjoy, and not just a watered down flavor.
  7. MaMa has good milk for WaWa lol :p

  8. my pressure doesnt change at all even after 2 espressos.

    old wives tale.
  9. Caffeine is a known stimulant ..probably best known.

    Look up the properties of a stimulant.

    Either you're seeing what you wish to see or you can't read/place a digital $30 relion BP cuff.

    My bet is on the latter :p
  10. Well I can tell you at my physical last week I was 109/68. That was fasting for the last 12 hours for some lab work, but I had a couple cups of coffee and a couple diet cokes during the day. I am sure it affects some, but for me it does not seem to have an impact on my blood pressure.
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