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  1. So i think before 2009 is out i'll have enough money to trade full time.

    I'm 24 and have B.A. and i would like to gather some career traders opinions on which city would be the best to move to.

    Trading is pretty solitary so i'd like to move to a city where it's kinda busy and easy to get out and be social.

    Any recommendations?

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    Georgetown in Washington DC is a great place to live. Not as hectic as Manhattan is but certainly plenty going on.

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    I agree, Georgetown in DC is great: good places to eat, bars, shops... so is Arlington, VA and old town Alexandria, VA (both close to DC)
  4. Austin, TX ....... great downtown, only 1 million population, tons of activities, many lakes with great boating, fishing, watersports, beautiful hill country, good year round weather, no state income tax, etc, etc, etc.

    Also, great internet infrastructure and many good programmers always available for very affordable automation work. :)
  5. Thanks guys!

    I'm currently in Michigan and can't wait to leave but i want to be 100% set before i go.

    I'll be going it alone without friends so it'll be a big step for me.
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  7. How much is enough to pack up, move to a new city, and trade full time? I'm trading with about 100K and don't feel it's nearly enough for me to do this. (But I do envy your being able to consider it. :))
  8. Chicago lives and breathes trading. You can't go anywhere without running into other traders. For someone breaking into trading, you can't find a better environment.
  9. Hey! I live minutes from there. I had no idea :mad:
  10. Yeah he's right, Georgetown (and the nicer areas of DC) are a nice place to hang-out, with plenty of things to do.

    Just make sure you stay away from the bad areas ... they're pretty damn bad.
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