Best choices for FX options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by snackly, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. snackly


    Suggestions out of these possibilities of FX related options?

    Philadelphia World Currency (NASDAQ)?
    OTC with FCMs (don't like this idea at all)
    The ICE (Options on Euro Index Futures and US Dollar Index Futures)

    Does or has anyone traded these? Any suggestions on which way to go?
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    Nobody has any thoughts on this?
  3. Any update?
  4. skot99


    The CME is the fairest market available. All the major dealers are competing and the liquidity is massive. The new micro futures allow for excellent hedging and fine tuning of your position.

    I also utilize Montreal Exchange in my strategy trading the CAD. I trade on Montreal only because it is a derivatives exchange and my clearing firm is regulated by the CFTC and not the SEC, hence I can't access Philly or ISE on my trading platform, X-Trader.

    Currency options is where it's at. Best of luck.
  5. I'd also push you toward CME and their options offerings. The liquidity on cme contracts beats the other markets.
  6. moarla


    liquidity in crurr options on CME = zero.. There is NO volume..

    the only market where you have a real choice are the warrants in all the different variances (OTCs) available only for non US traders

    problem is they are OTCs...
  7. There is volume in cme fx options. i've been active in there for 14 years. there's not alot and I wouldn't call it a scalpers market, but there certainly is volume.
  8. Look at the net change of those contracts...think about the leverage you can use when employing options on futures. they're a derivative of a derivative. position trading these things can do you very well.
  9. moarla


    there is NO volume: when you look at the total volume on your post, maby we have 200 options traded?

    Is that Volume?
  10. You can get volume done. You're certainly not going to attain an edge when doing so, but when you bid / offer decent size, it will cross.
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