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  1. Hi All:

    has anybody heard or have had experience with the automated stock-picking software called 'Best Choice' ?

    Does it work in the actual stock market ?
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  2. netedge


    These guys are out for the money. They use seasonal charts which by themselves are no way to trade without some additional verification by a trend based technique (which they do not provide). You can get the same for free from Blocks by Worden.

    They offer no training class whatsover for their platform which costs $5000! And they have 1 support guy that does all their programming support.

    Their trades have not been working at all for the past 6 months. In fact, you would have been profitable if you had taken the OPPOSITE of their recommended positions over this period. Most all of their users have been losing money. Perhaps this is why they do not offer any money back guarantee of any kind. I suggest you look elsewhere.:(
  3. Thanks netedge.

    sorta suspected as much, but wanted some unbiased input from the ET community.

  4. mioumiou


    I was searching Google for any discussion on the Best Choice software and found your posting. You mentioned that Blocks can do the same thing as Best Choice. I have used Telechart for about 10 years and have just signed on with Blocks. I'm wondering if you could share what setups you would use in Blocks to mimick the seasonality feature in Best Choice.

    I also know we can plot an earnings indicator in Blocks (as a lower study), but do not see how to scan for earnings outpacing price growth or momentum and vice versa. I think Best Choice has a proprietary algorithm for this and the results can be displayed overlaid on price and give a good visual on the price/earnings relationship.

    Please share your comments. Thanks. :)
  6. PeteHoyt


    I am posting this comment because of the misleading information I read being posted from this site.

    This is Pete Hoyt, co-owner and developer of Best Choice Software. I have been in the markets for over 50 years and our seasonal charts were built long before Blocks came on the market. You won't find setups in Blocks to mimick our seasonality, as I built all of our proprietary algorithms. Here is a comment from one of our users:

    Thank you for Best Choice Software with those seasonal Cycle Charts. When I saw the Cycle Chart for Google shaping up for the big move in August, I knew it was time to strike. Best Choice Software calculated about a $100 upward move based on the data from the past two years. But I thought I would play it conservatively by going with half that amount (a $50 move).
    So using $3000, I bought 4 call options, with the $50 out of the money December Calls. Two months later, my trading results … over $35,000 in profits (1,157%).
    Thanks again for Best Choice Software,

    We have users who have 10x their money in a week or less on multiple occasions. I teach exactly how to do this. The secret is knowing the probability of an upcoming future event before it happens. Our seasonality does this. Most technical analysis does not work, because you are driving your car looking at your rear view mirror. Forget the past and where you've been. Look out your front window. You want to know the probabilities on the future. That is where you'll find success. That is why our software is so different from any other software on the market!
  7. byculla


    User Testimonials can often mean an imaginative copywriter. Can you
    1. Provide verifiable performance metrics for your software.
    2. Independant reviews.

    Thanks. IF your software does what it says it definately would be worht considering.
  8. PeteHoyt


    On your comment about the testimonials. They are real and they are what we have received from our users. They are not from an "imaginative copywriter". We have placed a whole series of them on our website. Our success ratio is high because we focus on repeating future events.

    Here is what you have to realize. No one knows the future with absolute certainty, but I would rather bet with what normally happens next month rather than with what happened from the past month, which is what most technical analysis tries to do.

    Like I mentioned in my prior note, about driving a car by looking in the rear view mirror. Always look at where a stock is most likely going, not at its track record of where its already been. This is why most people who spend all their time trying to figure out classical technical analysis to predict the future don't make any money!

    For example, over the past 10 years, ADBE has gone up 9 out of 10 years with average of 13% from March 13 to March 27 when their earnings come out. Our program tells us this and we knew it back in February. This year, prior to the move, we placed call options on the the trade based upon that knowledge gained from the software. The stock jumped $2.87 when they reported their earnings on March 19. The percentage move was slightly low compared to the average. The move was no surprise to us and we tripled our money using options. We took a calculated risk knowing the probability of a future event. As a trader, this is what you need to do to be successful. This is what all the people in the testimonials are trying to tell you our software does for them.

    There is an article on Best Choice Software coming up in the June 2008 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine. Their people did an extensive testing of our software and wrote their comments. Take a look at it.

    Also, we have given CNBC London the rights to uses our seasonal charts in some of their financial broadcasts.

    We attend most major financial shows in the US, Canada and the UK, where we exhibit our product. The shows are free to the public and I hope to see you there.
  9. Jesus Christ, Baron. Do you really think that this type of thing makes ET a better place?

    Fucking ridiculous, Baron. You know I have tried to be a supporter but this is getting really stupid.
  10. Joab


    I tried the trail period on this software and canceled, and the company still charged my credit card $900 without my consent afterwards (stupid me for giving it to them).


    The software in theory "seemed" interesting but once I played with it for a few weeks - I quickly found out all it did was form fit trades.

    Simply put, going back in time for as many years as you needed, how hard would it be to find 5 or so consecutive calender days year after year, where a stock went up during the same period each year ???

    That's all this software does and useless for practical trading application.

    Run - don't walk from this company !!!
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