Best Chicago Prop Firms ??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by park53, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. park53


    Hello, I am looking for an entry level trader position in Chicago. i have no experience trading, but I have a finance degree. There seem to be more prop firms in chicago than I thought. Can someone please tell me which firms would be good for a newbie to start out with ? or at least the ones to avoid ?? I need something with minimal deposit/train fees w/ a salary.

    Keystone seems to have a bad wrap around here so I opted out of their open house. Are they to be avoided ?
  2. CGReid


    I am interested in trading as well. What negative things have you heard about Keystone.

    Does anybody know the commission scales, fees, etc. for someone starting out.
  3. park53


    well i read some threads about how keystone is a chop shop type operation which is more concerned with recruiting new traders and turning them over fast to sell more of their training seminars. It seems there are quite a lot of prop firms that operate in this manner, and now I can see how some unscrupulous people can make a lot of money this way.