best chat room for emini (for education and for real time calls)

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    I will appreciate any comments from users of FUTURES realtime paid-services, expecially moderated chat room.

    What is in your experience the best chat room for emini ?
    Educational rooms?
    The best chat room for real time calls on ES and NQ?
    And CBOT? Eurex?

    I personally have trialed
    And I am skeptical (more and more)

    I wish to trial (they run a future room)

  2. Ditch


  3. Ditch



    I think so, in my opinion this is one of the few chatrooms that's really worth it.


  4. hello all,

    i scanned alot throug the "educational charts" on the LBR site in former times, and i wonder, what else could happen in the RTchat for §350...isnt it the same thing as in the edu-chart ? those grails, antis, 3 pushes up/down, flaggs, the SMA enter trick...over and isnt changing everyone could make his own RT-LBR trading chat just by following these setups and talking to himself..."oh yes this looks like a grail buy on the 1/5/15 min, ok we take it..."

    my favorite LBR-site is

    great starting lesson in chart-reading

    greetings from germany

  5. Bsulli


    I have spent time in her room and find it worth while, but not 350 bucks of worth while, for me anyways. The only thing I dislike about the room is it's text based instead of voice. I end up watching the chatroom all day and not my charts and quotes whereas if voice were used I would benefit even more from her service. One thing I can say is her website is a great educational tool. The lady does know her stuff.

    My two cents worth.

  6. vvv


    RE LBR,


    usd 350 / month...

    no wonder she started a chat room after she folded her unsuccessful fund that she doesn't like talking about...

    isn't that what they all do who don't make it...

    i mean, we don't see the buffetts and soroses of this world engaging in, uh, chat rooms, now do we...

    question is, aren't they all a bit late to the table, hehe.
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    Hubert, Didn't Alex Grace join up with you group? Alex is a great and profitable trader, but waaaay to much ego to stay in his room. Don't have a problem with him having an ego, just got tried of hearing him talk about how great he was. I was with him at when he was there. Do you have a futures only room? Didn't see one on your site. Saw one for options. I only trade futures and personally don't want to hear about stock xyz or qqq's are doing such and such. If you have now or start a futures only room let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
  8. Hubert


    how you been?

    Alex is no longer ther ei think he is opening his own site soon

    as far as futures only nope soory dont have that
    but we have a modrtor that focus is futures only pretty much.

    hey man if you need a back door to the site i can give you the direct link i would like to see what people think.

  9. Bsulli


    Hurbert, you going to stay with trading concepts? Don't get me wrong about Alex he knows trading semi stocks better than anyone I've ever followed, but when anyone in the room push his button he could really go off! lol You know what I mean. :) Alex really wanted me to join his room because he liked my posted trading comments and I almost did before they went to T.C. Only took a couple of days for all the old feeling to come back and I really didn't want to go there. I wish him only the best because I think his hearts in the right place. I do miss his off the wall music and comments though!

    PM me and I will be more than happy to listen to your futures trader. I still travel off and on for work, but in today's telecom environment I'm home more often than not. lol

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