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  1. hi, anyone knows anysoftware which enable one to display multiple charts (maybe 6 charts) in realtime? And then can just flip to next 6 other symbols in the 6 charts, some waiting for 3 or 5 seconds is ok?
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    That's easily accomplished in eSignal. You simply set-up different pages with the charts you want and with one click, move forward or backwards between all your pages.

    Page toolbar looks like this:

  3. how come esignal website has been down for ages? for over a month now I've been trying to browse their tools. I've resorted to quotecenter instead, which by the way also provides what you're looking for.

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    Aside from a short outage a week and half ago, we've had no known issues regarding our sites. I personally browse/check them many times a day and from multiple locations. You might want to clear your cache and try again.

    Let us know if you keep having trouble accessing the site.

  5. Thanks for replying, also can i view 20 days intraday charts in 1 min interval? i saw in your site, that interval has D, 60, 30, 5, 1 etc, but how to make it 20 days and in 1 min interval?

    Also previously i sign up for trial esignal, can i trial one more time? cause really busy trading previously, didn't really try out esignal...
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    Sure thing. For most issues, we store 120 days of intraday history. You can build 1 min bars, 3 min, 5 min, 12 min, whatever you need. More on history data here:

    In terms of a trial, if you haven't had a trial in the previous 12 months, yes you can try us again.

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