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    I'm looking to trade the e-mini S&P futures and possibly the Nasdaq/Dow. Whats the most affordable sharting solution for me? I don't need any fancy indicators as I'll be trading off price.. just fibo retracements/extensions required. If anyone can recommend something would be much appreciated...

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    cool.. how much would I look at paying monthly If I just needed realtime data for the 3 index futures I mentioned above?
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    Do check out the website I posted.
    THe charting subscription would be USD39.90 per month.

    There is a choice where the feed comes from. As for me, its from Interactive Brokers. If you re trading the abovementioned 3 futures, the feed is free from IB, assuming your commish is more than USD30 per mth. Else they ll charge USD10 per mth
  5. I use Quotetracker and Fib Retracements are an important part of my trading plan (KISS).

    The software is $60.00 a year.

    With IQFeed it pretty much gets the job done according to your description here.

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    Jimmy Jam
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    Who do you get your real time data from? They have a few options available looks like..
  7. You can choose from any of the listed... DTN, Esignal...

    I use it with IB's data feed at the moment..... Using JtwsDump I can assemble complete historical data versus the mere 30 days AB will download from IB directly.
  8. So do you have a plan? a written plan. If not you need one. Trading the Index futures with second rate software and data feed is asking for trouble.

    Trust me I know, data lags, corrupt data,programs freezing up during critical events is what you can expect with $40 software.

    Using leverage in the index futures market requires the best software along with the best data feed. I f you just want to trade 100 shares of some stock the the products mentioned here are just fine.

    If you plan on trading index futures with the pros, you better have the right gear.

    I recommend CQG, they have their own data plant, the feed is rock solid, the data is flawless.
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    Consider opening an account with IB.
    The charting program is free and over time you will save a lot in commissions. Their charting is very basic but robust. Every time Tradestation has problems I fall back on IB's charting.

    Actually I now subscribe to Sierra Charts - fed by IB data. Sierra is good and well supported charting program.
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