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    I've searched around on this website looking at different threads on charting software and now would like further assistance. I've used TCNet and Tradestation for charts. Tradestation had great charts, but it also is a whole platform which I don't need and would rather not pay for. TCNet has good charts as well, but is not as functional. What I am looking for is a charting software that provides real-time charts on any time frame I choose and can also generate price alerts.
  2. Although I'm slightly biased on the subject, you may want to look into eSignal. I have used different programs over the years and have found eSignal to be one of the most dynamic, but more importantly reliable programs I have used. If your looking for some clean charting and robust reliability, it may be worth a look. Here's a link to get started if you are interested in the specifics. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Had to say esignal has a very reliable datafeed :)
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    Data feed is not as good as esignal but qcharts has a very, very nice charting app.

  5. Any timeframe is a bit vague. You mean1-20 days, 30 or higher? You can use QuoteTracker with a variety of datafeeds and get intraday charts up to 10 days (working on increasing that).
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    I guess I'll be the one to bring this up again. Next best thing to free.

    No debates this time. Just throwing it into the ring. Long-time happy user. :D
  7. I like quotetracker for ease of use. I've recently become interested in amibroker because it offers automated trading, but can't offer an opinion on charting issues there as that isn't what interests me.
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    Sierra Chart is cool, what with the spreadsheet interface for calculating indicators and all.

  9. eSignal is a good platform however if you use the NYSE Tick and Sectors for your trading they lag on eSignal. eSignal spec's them at a 15 second delay but if you run Real Tick side by side with eSignal you will find that the delay is about 30 seconds. This may or may not affect your trading.
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    Out of curiousity, what is it that you do not find functional about TCNET?

    I saw a demo of it today and it seemed to be able to do any time frame.

    The only thing that seemed primitive on the charts were the drawing tools.

    FWIW I've got eSignal now and am considering getting TCNET just for their scanner.
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