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    Which do you think is the best software for EOD charting, technical analysis, elliot wave count, etc. I tested a copy of Advanced GET EOD and found it heavy and cumbersome to operate. Does anybody know a better, simpler and more practical software than Advanced GET EOD? Thanks.
  2. taowave


    Do you really need the wave count???
    You pay thru the nose for somethingbthat doesnt work...

    If you love wave analysis,Check out Neoticker EOD in conjunction with Wave Runner.I havent checked out wave runner,but I have heard some good things about it..

    For the money,you cant go wrong with Amibroker,but dont expect ant wave analysis
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    I am just looking for an alternative to Advanced GET EOD, which could be compared to it or be considered better than it.
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    check out dynamictrend .com the next new thing from the GET creator, enough said.
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    If you are hell bent on Elliot,check out Elwave by prognosis software..

    As an owner of Advanced Get,have you ever wondered why they refuse to put in a backtester/simulator into the program??

    Advanced Get is quite possibly the biggest rip off on thye market
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    In backtest, you know, mostly anything don't work or simply don't give exceptional results. And the things that work converge toward an average. Bill Eckhardt, e.g., has been making 26% net with drawdowns around 29% with a highly diversified portfolio, strict risk management and thorough research. I think this tells something about what to expect from this game. I know there are people out there don't like this word. They say it's a business, not a game. Cassinos can also be a business or a game. It depends on which side you are...

    I am looking for a good charting software, and as an aid to an occasional discretionary play, if ever, or simple technical analysis or chart inspection. Yet, I don't like hyped stuff like Advanced GET EOD. I am looking for something simpler. Something I can work with my own ASCII data files. MTPredictor seems to be a good choice. You mentioned Amibroker. Do you like it? Do you think it's a good charting software?

    With regard to backtest, I already have my choice: Trading Blox Builder. Wealth-lab is also a rather good software. I have also heard that PowerST is for professional money managers who want a complete solution.

    Best regards.
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  8. Garbage. I decided to test it out. Never got a password, never got an email from tech support. PURE D GARBAGE!!!
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    As i asked for a password, they replied 'Password ? This is freeware, type in a password, whatever you like' :D

    Now i do my backtesting with Easy Language like trading language on Forex...

    Goodbye Dollar :cool:
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