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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trader25, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. trader25


    What charting software do you use and why? What are the best charting software platforms available? What are the pros and cons of each? What are the price ranges for them? I know there are ratings in the software section, but most of them are outdated. Just trying to get a feel for what people are currently using, and which platform I should get. Any info/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. :)
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    I have used eSignal for about a year after giving up on QCharts - what a diffierence. Much more reliable and their new advanced chart capabilites are very extensive.

    There is also a javascript programmming language to write your own - or you can request from the user community and eSignal programmers.

    Take a lot. If you need some specific help, let me know. Maybe a screen shot with a couple of indicators. Glad to help when I can.
  3. jay567


    i also switched over to Esignal from Qcharts and found it to be much more stable and reliable.
  4. We can be more helpful if you first tell us what you need.
  5. lundy


    I used to like qcharts alot but esignal's recent improvements such as advanced charting and scripting outdo qcharts by at least 3 to 1.
  6. trader25


    whoops- I forgot to say what I plan on using the software for.
    I just trade stocks, new yorks and nasdaqs. High volume momentum scalping and also some position trading. Thanks for all info. :)
  7. pretzel


    Is there an option in the eSignal charting package to use the exchange time as the time for the charts? I remember there is no need to fumble with timezones with Qcharts when I used it before.

  8. H2O


    Anyone working with MyTrack ??

    Recent Comments ?
    I cannot get used to eSignal, I simply don't have the right feeling with it. I still prefer QCharts but I know they have a stability problem.

    I scalp the S&P eMini's..... So I want to switch to a reliable feed but again, it must feel right...
  9. Yes - I use MyTrack with Sierra Charts - simply awesome - - have used Sierra to scalp the E-mini's specifically.
  10. Patch


    Great software but absolutely diabolical data. On Firday at somes stages the emini charts were running 4 TICKS behind the action and it wasn't even a particularly fast market at the time.

    There is also a major problem with daily charts vs intraday. Open and close prices are often wrong on daily leading to incorrect candle patterns and I am not talking cents here, I have seen it worng sometimes by up to a dollar.

    How I wish they would just get a decent data feed
    #10     Mar 23, 2003