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  1. anyone know a good charting program with built in scanning capability?

    i know telechart is one, but esignal seems to have the same functions as well... not sure about qcharts, i think they only have charting right?

    which do you guys think is the best one for doing the sort of things i'm looking for
  2. It dpends on what kind of scanning you want to do and whether you need to do it intraday or on end of day data.
  3. i want a pretty good charting software that also has decent scanning capability for intraday... for example, find stocks that meet a certain fundamental critieria like RS, EPS, average volume, within a certain sector, and % gain for a specific day.... i want to use it to track disruptive companies... so i can find them when they are just beginning to move... so i can do DD On them and see if they have any sustainable potential.

    i also would like a program with the capability to do volume analysis on a stock... for example, maybe tells you how much volume are + (buying pressure) and how many shares are either short or selling pressure at a given time.
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    As far as i know there is no way to get an accurate read of
    short sales real time.
  5. if a good charting service with scanning capability + some volume analysis is what i'm looking, what would be the best service to get? Telechart? QChart? Esignal? MetaStock? TradeStation?

    and why is qchart and esignal so much higher priced than telechart?
  6. I don’t know if this is against the rules, because I work for this company, but the article is free that you can read at CQG’ web site on Market Scans in CQG. You can create a portfolio and look for instruments that meet certain conditions.
  7. Is Telechart real time or snapshot?

    QCharts will give you some of what you want. It has a hot lists feature that is a real time scan for certain predefined criteria. It also gives you the ability to monitor volume percentage intraday. It has some proprietary indicators as well that will give you an indication of trend strength.

    If you want to get into more customizable scanning, you are looking at products like Neoticker and TradeIdeas. Then there are the systems programs like Amibroker, TradeStation, etc. I think they are all listed in the software section of this site.
  8. Check out 'Stratasearch'... That is becoming a very popular charting, technical analysis software... Much of it is automated and you can try it free for a month... It does almost TOO MUCH. and there is sooo much going on, it will take a while to understand... i have NOT used it yet but have heard good things... Don't know if it scans...
    Telechart and OmniTrader are probably your best bets.... they both have exactly what you are looking for.... BUT i am using the free month of Telechart right now and I do like it, maybe i have to get used to it b/c all i have heard were great things, but i am not to impressed by it yet.... I am looking into Omnitrader, the big downfall in that is you have to buy their software, Telechart's software is free, you just pay for the DataFeed at $30 a month.. Omni Trader you can use multiple Datafeeds including OmniData.... Another good scanning product WHICH I REALLY LIKE.....BUT YOU CAN NOT PUT IN YOUR OWN SETTINGS... IS stocksignal Pro... it can use Free Data or premium data at $20 a month... also premium data includes a scanner for highmomentum stocks which is rather good... but the software itself has down right AWEFUL charting... but if you buy the old version now you get a FREE upgrade to the new version which is supposedly completely different... I am hoping the new version of SSP is good... so again, i like the scanner in SSP but the rest of the package is NOT that good...
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  10. I've used Swing Tracker and it works, slow but works. It does give real time charts and scanning. It's the cheapest I've found and does offer free trials.
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