Best Charting Package for Forex?

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  1. What is generally viewed as the best real-time charting and data-feed package for Forex? If a trader is using a Broker such as HotSpotFX that does not provide charting, what third-party package do most retail Forex traders use? Is it eSignal or another vendor?

    Note that I normally trade stocks but am looking at Forex.

    I appreciate any feedback.


    - Greg
  2. Hi Greg,

    There's a couple of options that might fit your needs from eSignal.
    First, if you're trading via HotSpotFX, there's a pre-release version of ForexCharts by eSignal that couples HotSpot's real-time streaming data with eSignal's intraday & historical chart data, plus it includes trading and order management functionality.
    Because its in beta, the trading part runs against their simulated environment, but if you're interested in providing feedback, let me know (email).

    Another choice would be to use the interface between OANDA's data and QuoteTrader.
    QuoteTrader is free a trading and charting application, and Oanda offers both streaming and historical data, so you can work with charts, FX dealing boxes, quote pages, a DOM and an account window, all free.
    We've done a brief overview of getting started, but please let me know if you'd like more information:

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    Brent Threadgill
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  3. Very useful info, can this be used on an Oanda FXTrade Account (ie non demo)

  4. Hi Cabletrader,

    Yes it can be used with either OANDA's FXTrade or FXGame accounts. Just send an email to, and requesting to have your OANDA account enabled for API access.
    In the email provide:
    1. Which account (fx-game or fx-trade) you'll be using.
    Note: It's recommended to first enable your fx-game account and become comfortable with the software, then have your fx-trade account enabled.

    2. The username(s) for the account(s) (respectively).

    3. Your eSignal customer ID# and username.


    Brent Threadgill
    Integrated Trading Product Management
    eSignal, QuoteTrader
  5. Definitely worth looking into, thanks for the prompt reply.
  6. Brent.... thank you for the good feedback on alternatives.
  7. Sierra Charts.
  8. I use esignal. Then I found out I get it free with my account at Gain.
  9. Mike21


    MetaTrader is by far the best free forex charting available. Open a demo account with any MT4 broker and just use the charts.

    If you don't mind spending a little, try Ensign. $40 a month... froex feed included.

  10. these days virtually any charting program will display fx data tho some may require a fee
    to be paid for the feed, so you can choose whichever charting program you want
    I use MetaStock with a feed from MetaQuotes via Alpari, Moscow who also provide a feed
    for TS2ki, and also use MetaTrader 4
    MT is the best free program and now has a massive user base, 3000+ indicators and
    hundreds of Expert Advisors - auto trading systems and manual trading systems - forums
    also there's several indicators that have been written that will link for eg MT with AmiBroker
    realtime, and allow Advanced GET eod to collect all timeframes data updating by opening-
    closing AG, same for Precision Trader and others
    MT and other fx broker charting programs intergrate order entry in the program - if it's more
    important to trade the exact price seen on the chart rather than using a standalone charting
    program and separate order entry program via broker of choice, eg charting with MT and
    order entry via IB or Oanda or HotSpotFX etc
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