Best Charting for US+Asian+European Futures??

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by canuck, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. canuck


    Hey guys,

    I'm, interested in your opinion on the best charting package for US futures (S&P, ES), Hong Kong (HSI), and European futures (DAX, ESTX50) - all in one package. Is there such a package available??

    Now I've been looking at Esignal, but their delay in european markets is a big problem. Reliabilty is a MUST, as is a fast delivery of quotes.

    I've also heard Quotetracker being mentioned, opinions?? What about Reuters??

    Thanks guys
  2. Spark


    quote tracker works for the moment u feed it with data, but u can't backfill
  3. prox


    Can't beat Quotetracker for free.
  4. sussex


    I use ESignal for both the bund and EStoxx 50.
    In my experience the data delay when compared to the Pats feed is about 1 second - I also only operate on a 56k modem as unable to get broadband in the sticks.
    IMO this is not a problem, what you might lose on one you'll gain on another.
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  7. nusrat


    The problem isn't QT.
    It's just that there's a temporary problem with one particular third-party source for backfill data on futures.
    QT's other sources for free non-futures data work fine.