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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Kanzei, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Kanzei


    What is the best chart provider (lowest cost, most features) for what I'm looking to do?

    I want to be able to input any SMA timescales I want, and MACD also. I want to be able to draw trend lines, and move around the chart ("drag the chart") anywhere I want. I need to have multiple windows open to compare charts for the same stock or different stocks, and obviously it has to have candlesticks.

    Also, it needs to make better coffee than my wife (which is not a tall task really).
  2. And SierraChart is not free but the price is low so you might find the improvements worth paying for vs qt.
  3. topeak


    I have used Esignal for 6 years and it has always proven to be reliable for me
  4. nexx


    you can try there great for Technical Analysis at the end of the day also not bad interday because they auto update every 1 minute there not full streaming tho.
  5. I've heard about TC2000 many times but have not tried it yet. I believe they have a demo.

    As far as free ones are concerned, I use (snapcharts) and I click on annotate at to view fib ratios. allows you to change settings on lots of indicators and also allows you to display 3 MAs at the same time. :)
  6. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    NinjaTrader is free to use.
  7. Uh, how do you do that? I mean I downloaded the software but I'm not sure how to proceed because I don't have a data provider. So, Ninjatrader is free but you need to pay for data right? Can you use Yahoo for free?

    And how does Ninjatrader get paid? Why is it free?
  8. 1. If you just use Ninjatrader to chart and do not wish to execute trades from within its platform then it's free to use. If you wish to use it to execute trades, you have to pay.
    2. Of course you have to pay for a data feed.

    If the cost for a charting platform and data feed fees are prohibitive for your budget then you should consider looking for a different profession.
  9. ganesh6

    ganesh6 $19.95/month, Also have Free trial
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