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    This wonderful and brave mother of 4 and 20 year Air force person tells it like it was at the Pentagon when the war wannabes came into office.

    She was on Brian Lambs award winning channel C-SPAN.

    The movie: "Why We Fight" Sony pictures. Karen said the Pentagon under cheney has been turned into an offense place because this crowd under cheney no longer views military power as a determent for war but instead views military power to further a countries power as an offensive force.

    Thus when Cheney came in and fired career persons that were not in line with the INTENDED invasion of Iraq, the propaganda machine for the American public. Saddam was history as this crowd were hell bent on taking Iraq and building military bases to further spread the military complex over the middle east. Nice and dandy that this area just happened to be rich in oil. Eisenhower warned us of this exact thing many years earlier.
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    Uhh, yeah, but it's on the internet... and that's liberal biased!
  3. richer,

    is everything you do not like liberal biased? I love it, did you even read any of this wonderful ladies works? Did you see the movie? ...............:)

    better question is this.....Will you even give the lady a chance and go rent the movie? Are you fair and balanced......:D
  4. She also said that most of the money being spent in Iraq for so called infrastructure is actually being spent on building military bases.

    my own words: These are some awfully expensive bases. I really do not think anyone was really thinking a bunch of right wing fanatics were really concerned about the Iraq people, after all, they are willing to sacrifice the middle class for more power..............:eek:
  5. Common sense does not require a biased nature.

    We'd all be better off if every one got their news & opinions from a diversity of available sources and used our own better judgement to decide what is prevalent.

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    Uhh, for the record I was just using the retarded "attack the source" argument that is the sole tool in some people's toolbag at the moment. Sorry, dry humor don't work too good here. :)