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    Let's start a thread for the best trading calls - whether short, medium, or long-term; stocks, fx, futures, whatever. Rules are simple:

    1) you can't nominate any of your own trading calls
    2) you cannot nominate more than 1 by the same poster
    3) link to each call, and give a quick desciption of it and what subsequently happened (e.g. % return, timeframe, max drawdown)
  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

  3. How does "a" call prove anything? If 100 people guess the # beans in a jelly bean jar, several will look like geniuses.

    Only if someone has a consistently high % of correct calls is it interesting....
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    it was marketsurfers call on SIRI at .60 cents.......about 4 years ago...i dont remember the date or the link exactly...but i do remember the call cuz i bought it..
  5. :cool:

    YOu take two ET accounts
    One account shorts the market
    The other account is long the market
    what do you have? One brilliant called by one of the accounts and now he/she is brilliant

    Am I amazed how some people once in a while are able to call the market within a few ticks? Not really. It feels great and even better when OTHERS boast about it. Human nature.

    You specualte long enough, eventually you can do the same. :cool:
  6. i thing the other gentleman made a good point,its about the percentage of times being right.
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    so you're saying that it's impossible to make a good call. listen, if a guy makes a good call, he seems to know what he's doing, and he gives a good reason, give credit where credit is due...

    Not saying he's correct 100% of time, but he might have good insights for making that particular move
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    Don't remember the poster nor do I have a link. Someone asked my nominee what the market was going to do the next day.

    His response was - fluctuate.
  9. What insight is that? 2 MA crossing over? A triple top that the majority were afraid to call it? When a (wo)man speculates in the market, there is OBSOLUTLEY no way that he/she can know which way it is going to go.

    He may catch it at the right direction and tell himself, "I fucking knew it", BUT in reality, he didn't know it. He just caught it on the right side.

    “Only fools refuse to be taught. Wisdom calls out in a loud voice wanting to be heard.”

    Like I posted before:

    When you are trading, you must have faith in two things:

    Your knowledge of what you are doing.

    Speculating can be a wonderfully rewarding activity if it is engaged in sensibly. Speculating, when done properly, can furnish the speculator with time and money to do those things that result in an enriched life. In other words, you can not make a call and tell yourslef that you were right when the marlet headed the direction "you thought". Again, when you do not know the outcome of something and you bet/speculate there is a bit of chance; some call it gambling.

    I certainly applauded the man that calls tops and bottoms, but the man that calls the bewteens is a better trader.

    My 2 cents :cool:
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