Best buy for a laptop with a budget around $1000

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  1. Hi all,

    Wanted to buy surface pro x, but price is on the red flag, as one has to pay a premium to Microsoft for its device portability. I need around 1,200$ max price.

    Something with 16B ram is preferred, but least 8 GB ram, Do i need more than 500 GB HD?
    and How much should be graphic card, considering when using IB TWS or Tradestation 10 and have hundred symbols in you watch list or screened or 8 charts open at same time?

    Thank you
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    Anything above of GTX 1060 should smash it.
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    AFAIK TWS nor TradeStation are GPU accelerated, so it does not matter at all what graphics card you have. Intel integrated chip will be as fast as top of the line GPU.
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  4. Real Money

    Real Money

    If it were me buying one, I would make sure to get one that can support multiple external monitors or output to one big monitor. But, that's because I need to have multiple screens. I have 3 screens currently and would actually prefer to have like six....LOL.
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    Good thing you didn't to for the Surface Pro X.

    It can't run programs that are designed for X64 processors. You are basically limited to the Windows Store, all other programs will not work properly.
  6. kaizer


    if your laptop will be for trading primarely or exclusevely than:

    1. you need maximum size screen, 17' I suppose if you will not use external monitor. Consider only no glare screen.
    2. you do not need HDD at all, use SSD only and any 120+ Gb is more than enough
    3. 12 or 16 Gb is essential
    4. graphic card should be office type, not for gaming, minimal will be ok
    5. wired LAN connection, wifi is not for active trading
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    Bought Lenovo Legion the other day, and very happy with it. Good allrounder and comfortable. I wouldn't skimp on price for something less than useable in any scenario.
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    You want an AMD 4000 series mobile processor coming in May much faster than intel laptop processors.
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