Best business in a recession

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  1. It is also illegal in many states, and should be regulated more.

  2. Years ago we had lay a way. This helped people pay in full before the upside down world of buy now pay later. Secondly, we could float a check (post date, gaming clearing times) usually with few consequences. Indivudally owned mom and pop stores would extend credit. Collectively these "carry me over till payday" resources are gone.

    Ya know if you have a sick kid and need cough syrup @ 10-15$ a pop and a pack of cigarettes (another $10) we're up to $25 and you're talking 10% of some unskilled working stiffs check.
  3. Retief


    Well, they can do without the smokes, which probably are not helping the sick kid's cough.
  4. The best businesses to own in a recession have always been the cemetery and funeral business.
    I wonder if even they have been affected by this nasty downturn in the US economy ?
  5. lol. Well said, meanwhile we'll get him enrolled college, some chantex and he'll be on his way to a higher paying job and the payday loans will be history.
  6. Liquor stores