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  1. I'm looking for a brokerage that does what Cybertrader does. Free real-time charts with a nice outlay that actually allows clients to live in Canada. IB is fine for execution but it's charting and data is a joke so I'm looking to move on. Any suggestions?
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    HEAR ME brother !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not need a charting package, I do not use a single indicator.

    use price and your head and save money and at the same time be ahead of the bloody crowed.
  3. questrade?
  4. IB data are no joke. I would challenge anybody to tell us which broker has better data than IB. The criticisms often made, as to IB's data stream, come from people who don't truly understand the issues.

    IB's charts are inadequate for real time trading, but you can instead combine IB with free Quotetracker. QT works great as a charting application, using IB's data.

    I also find that IB's very extensive historical database, from which I can construct years of intraday historical charts, makes IB charts extremely useful for research, backtesting, strategy development, etc., even if IB's charts are not yet ready for actual trading.
  5. From what I'm reading it makes no sense not to switch from IB to Questrade
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    really? I subscribed to QT to get 10 years historical and more intraday data. historical was still limited to a year. When I inquired with QT I was told IB limits it on their end.

    so, how are you getting this "extensive historical database' from IB?
  9. IB's extensive historical database goes back several years. QT's ability to access that data is limited by QT, not IB. The result is that to view most of the available history, you would need to use IB charts instead of QT. If you want to look at a current chart, for purposes of trading instead of research, then you would use QT connected to IB's current data. You can also use IB's API software to download historical or current data for further processing by your own software of your own choice or design, and you can also write your own API software for downloading IB's current or historical data. So you have lots of choices for accessing IB's historical data and current data, and the information you were given was either incorrect, or more likely, you misunderstood it.
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    try TransAct. Great service, Sierra for $24/month, excellent support
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