Best Brokerage for Frequent Traders

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  1. Everyone knows my slanted views on these on-line brokerages. Now here is hard data as to the best brokerage for frequent traders.

    I will not post my own views. You can go back through my posts to discover what brokerages I prefer (and the ones that I asbolutely despise). Some of my highly opinionated posts have been deleted because of complaints by sponsors.

    Lets discuss...

  2. scores of IB are quite good!
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    So are of everybody else!
  4. That really doesn't mean anything, that's just Barrons. Go to other sites who rate the brokers and you will see a complete different list of winners.
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    yes, barely meaningless,if that!
  6. That is not hard data, it is a subjective opinion based on dubious criteria. The people at Barron's aren't traders and aren't using the rated brokers multiple times a day.

    Giving TradeStation and Interactive Brokers the same rating is a sad joke. Let's look at a real world rating system: where do active traders put their cash and trading securities.

    As of 12/31/2008 TradeStation had total customer equity of $1.6 billion and Interactive Brokers had total customer equity of $8.9 billion. Not even close to an equal rating when done by actual customers voting with their own money.
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    I do subscribe to barrons and was unable to find the article online, I did not register the title of the article. I wanted to post the more detailed breakdown of the brokers.

    If someone can post the other table or post the link of the article, I can do it


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    Yes it does, it is a pdf attachment... I do subscribe to both print/online version and the title had no mention about brokers ;)