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    I'm Looking for a broker with low per share commissions and a similar trading platform to point direx where you just double click offers on your level II box to buy and double click bids to sell.It must have a stable connection with good customer service where you don't have to wait all day for somebody to answer the phone if their systems go down
  2. try speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed trader they has it I um think
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    I am also looking for better online broker (I have Datek) & direct access broker (I have Real Tick broker) than what I have now.
    Datek is good, although I have not used its level 2 book since I have direct access broker. It has trailing stop now.
    Real Tick is not so good now: ARCA removes its stop order function (going backwards in my book). The NITE order is much expensive.
    May be I should get familiar with Datek more, but the commission is increased (still cheaper than the most brokers) due to the merge.