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    I 've read other posts about the best margin brokers for trading futures. But i'm still a little lost. I'm trying the OECry demo, and they're great except for one thing, they're charting is really sub par. Very slow in my opinion. Global futures and velocity futures look great, but I don't think that any of their platforms even have charting packages. I like that OECry allows you to set buy,sell,limit orders... on their charts. Are there any other brokers or platforms that do this. The only other alternative I see is to use ninja trader or x trader platform, and then pay extra for esignal or something for charting.
  2. I trade with openecry. Charts always lag the dom on my slowest computer, trade off the dom, have not had one problem in the least. Paying $3.80/rt all in, no platform or data fees. Truly personal service.
  3. I found Infinity to be expensive if you are a 'do it yourselfer', in other words - you do not need help, advice, etc. from a broker. Infinity has a nice website, webinars, etc. but all that great stuff is paid for somehow... If you are just looking for quality executions and service, but don't need to pay for the extra advice, I would contact:
    ProActive Futures
    Mirus Futures
    Open Ecry

    I've dealt with all three and feel that I was treated fairly with competitive commisssions and good service when I needed it. But, like I said, it depends on the type of trader you are. If you need to talk with a person every day, once a week, etc to help you, then you will pay more wherever you go. If you just need a reliable trading platform with good commissions and know your broker is there when you need them, I would check out the 3 I listed.
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    I don't need any hand holding. I've been very good at daytrading stocks, and have been practicing with YM the past couple of weeks... huge difference, much faster, more liquid. I need good executions with a good platform. I liked the preference on setting orders directly from a chart, including stop, OCO, limit orders, but like I said open ecry charting is very slow. Thanks for all the replys for broker recommendations. I checked all of them out. Any suggestions on platforms, x trader, ninja trader...?
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    TransAct is the better platform, if your trading style is scalping
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    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    Global Futures does provide a trading platform that comes with integrated charts and live data feed from the exchanges, If you are interested in a live demo please contact me and will be more then happy to provide you one.

    Johnny Khek
    1-877-367-3177 x 127
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    Does transact has integrated charting based on their live quote feed ?
    Price for the charting ?
  8. Silence Infidels! Don't you know that on this site the ONLY correct and acceptable answer to Who is the Best Broker, is IB.

    The mods will now pull down this blaphemous thread

  9. Well, I'm inclined to believe you as these commissions from Proactive Futures don't look that competitive, do they ?
    E-minis from $4.75 per Round Turn to $3.50 and lower, Including All Clearing, Exchange and NFA Fees

    IB is at $4.80 R/T e-mini's, correct ?
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