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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jaiko, Jul 19, 2003.

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    i've never really understood the need for phone access. in the several months i've been with IB there has not been a single occassion where i felt a compelling need to call them.

    frankly, the last thing i want is a broker i need to call, lol. i used to call Fidelity all the time, but then, there was a never-ending stream of reasons to have to call them!
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    Well DEF I decided to take your suggestion and I did call IB today during trading hours and I was quite pleasantly surprised. I called all of the numbers (trading desk, trading support, fund transfers, technical support) and they all answered very quickly. Matter of fact I called the trading desk a few times just in case I got lucky the first time.

    Of course I have not had the experience of dealing with IB when there is a real problem, and cannot comment on that.

    My main concern was that someone actually answer the phone, and that seems not to be an issue any more.

    I will definitely consider IB for opening an account. Thanks for the advice.
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  3. TOL


    I too opened this week an account at IB.
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    You opened this week? Exactly how did you do that?
    j/k......I couldn't risist. Not that I'm the best spiller either
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