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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jaiko, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. jaiko


    I am looking for an direct acess broker , my minimum trading size is 5000 shares

    Can somebody recommend a good broker with a flat rate , fast executions and a very good reachability by telephone ?

    Right now I am a customer of IB but trading size is not so cheap and reachability by telephone is poor

    THX for an answer
  2. how come your beta broker does not include direct access

    to Instinet?

  3. You can probably get a better deal from IB if you trade really large volume. All you need to do is ask the right people.
  4. jaiko,

    We would be delighted to be your direct access broker. Please visit our website

    We have 4 different trading platforms for every trading style. Each platform has lightening fast executions and real time data; we also have a great flat rate commission. We are easily accessible either by phone (1.866.683.4739) or by email (

    Look forward to hearing what you think.

    Best Regards,

    PointDirex Customer Support.
  5. it seems you better get your series 7, not ?
  6. TOL


    Even not the best, however one that most of you trade with. Not hassle, no not expensive, good support, owns his SW (or at least can support it )
    Anything like that exists?
  7. ChrisRT


    Reasonable rates, customer service continues to be excellent..has a demo to try also before you actually fund an account. Interface is easy to use and integratable with several different data providers. MBTX route functionality still pretty good also. FWIW

  8. TOL


    However they serve only USA citizens
  9. gemini_315

    gemini_315 Guest

    I am also looking for a stock broker alternative to IB. I have never used IB, but it is important to me to be able to get a hold of someone by phone, in the remote instance I would need to(and this looks like the biggest complaint of members using IB at this time).

    I do not need direct access. The commissions and execution of course need to be comparable to IB. My positions would be from 2-5 days most of the time. I currently trade futures.
  10. def

    def Sponsor

    There have been vast improvements in pickup times for calls within the past month. New system, procedures etc. Before writing IB off, why not pick up the phone and call during trading hours and then if not satisfied, look elsewhere.
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