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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by katiewc, Mar 13, 2010.

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    I'm looking for brokers that allow me to set limit orders...
    who do you guys recommend?

    I'm currently using IB but I am growing tired of their incompetence. I run an Automated Trading System and IB shuts down all FX from 5-5:15 EST which is bad, but what's more ridiculous is they halt trading in NZDUSD for 4.5 hrs from 1-5:30AM or so.

    Does anyone recommend any good brokers? preferably someone that can use Ninja Trader as I need to run an ATS (or another broker that can support an ATS). I don't like using MetaTrader because the time zones are all f*ked up and they don't support decimal places for standard deviations off of bollinger bands. Also I trade decent size, 1-2mln USD per entry.

    Also does anyone have any good experience with people to design ATS? as i need to redesign mine to support my new broker. Thanks in advance!
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    thanks for your help unfortunately it was more for stocks rather than FX which is what I trade
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    thanks, i was looking more for brokers ppl recommend rather then an online list. I'm loking for brokers that charge commission rather then spreads.. i'm already with IB and MB Trading, need someone else.
  5. I still don't understand why IB closes off NZD.USD trading for several hours. They use to do the same for AUD.NZD but recently changed it. It now trades 23:45 per day (although the spreads widen after 1pm Eastern Time).
  6. Eh, what's wrong with Interactive Brokers and MB Trading? :confused:
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    Like any serious trader I use multiple brokers. The reasons for this should be obvious but just in case I will list some.

    Diversification of funds, you still need to protect your capital, even if you are not trading it 24/7.
    Get a per share rate comm in one and a flat fee on the other.
    Sometimes its faster to hedge than to contact the order desk.
    Not everyone offers the same tools, using multiple ones complement each other.

    I use Tradestation, IB, Mirus, and Think Or Swim.