best broker?

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  1. Echo is a Professional Firm.

    Pre. I was definitely sold on Echo very quickly after doing some research on the different firms around. Rob Keller is a great guy.

    The big drawback to a professional firm is it requires a stockbrokers license, Series 7, to trade with them.

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    Could someone please explain how bullets work.

    Thank you in advance,

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    It seems to me that their software is very basic (especially scharting part) is this also your observation?

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  5. On the software I find it outperforms RealTick.

    I can get just about any indicator I want on the charts if that was your question. I tend to just use candlesticks , volume, and the time and sales window for my trading.

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  6. DT-WAV not sure if you are still around but if you look above there is a link called Brokers. It is a link for a public review of different direct access brokers.

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    I'm using Datek with quotetracker ( for point and click trading.

    Datek direct lets you choose routing for Nasdaqs.... also get streaming quotes free and level 2 available....

    BTW just stumbled across - anyone got any news/experience with them. Looks like 7.95 for market and limit orders plus direct trading etc... will be investigating

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    Did you decide not to use Hold Brothers? I'm in the process of opening an account with them. Do they not offer you a cap on commission?
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  9. I didn't like that they didn't offer a cap on commish. Echo caps at 25 a ticket, and I do a lot of 3-5k trades, so it would cost me more for those. Their rate per share was also a bit higher even though I do 2mil +/- a month (though the number seems to go up a few 100k each month). I think echo is giving me a better offer, but their guys who I talked to at hold were very nice as well.
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    pt2- who are you currently with?
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