best broker to use with ninja?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bat1, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. bat1


    I'm going to try out Ninja trader I been with scottrade
    and just did some daytrading. As a newbie with
    Ninja trader which broker would be best to use? as I would like to nibble in futures, as well as Currency plus daytrading stocks Can I just just one broker for everything?

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  3. Which brokers lets you use Ninja Trader and trade the Australian Futures Markets?

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  5. Both Mirus and Amp futures are good for Ninja and offer Zen fire feed.
  6. Ridu


    I just signed up for an ac with IB, seems that IB has some reasonably advanced trading software including risk reporting, trailing stop orders etc - can anyone confirm what benefits (functionality) Ninja Trader adds over that already available in the IB trading platform?
  7. Worst

    Hey guys, you are asking the wrong questions.

    You should be asking about tech support.

    When you have problems, my experience with Ninja Trader is that you can get no help.

    When I used them there was NO telephone support. That should be your first worning. I emailed them for several days with also no response!!!!!

    I would not use that product again if they paid me.

    Their platform and or poor tech support cost me more than once.

    The last time I posted a negative comment about Ninja Trader, along with copies of some of the emails I had sent to them, it was deleted.

    I hope the mods have the guts to at least leave this one up!!!!!!!


  8. I have not used NT for a very long time, but recently a friend of mine asked me to see if one of his systems that he is offering to the public could be traded using NT charts. So I have looked into that and found out that I really did not need any help for that. I did a NT template without any support. I think though that their support forum is pretty good, their help resources very good too.

    Just because they don't have phone support does not mean their product is bad. It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but they are certainly not bad at all.
  9. I have asked more than 20 questions through email, answers were all within 20 minutes
  10. bat1


    maybe in the past, however there support message board has
    been great!
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