Best broker to trade options on commodities?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Zemysto, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Zemysto


    Dear all,

    I am rather interested in trading at time futures and options on commodities.
    I would like to trade all the electronic contracts on these commodities.

    Of course, most are only traded in the pit, especially in the US.

    I currently use IB, but only the LIFFE commodities futures and options (Wheat, Sugar, Cocoa and Coffee) are allowed: I can only trade futures on all other electronic commodities (gold, silver, crude oil...), not the options.

    I know that some commodities are traded as electronic contracts in the US AND that we can trade some options on these commodities.

    I would like to trade the options on every commodity electronically quoted, that is say especially:
    - Gold
    - Silver
    - Crude Oil
    - Natural Gas
    - and some other agriculturals if possible (soybeans (now electronic?)...)

    Do you find a broker which allows you to trade these options on commodities?
    What is the best for you?
    And why? (best execution, cheaper, no mistake...)

    And if you much prefer the pit contracts, what broker do you advise me? (please do not advise MAN that I do not like much).

    At last, are you able to trade at time options and futures on these commodities and Forex on the same account?
    Is it with an electronic broker?
    Indeed, I would like to trade almost everything on a single account, such as in my IB account.

    Thanks in advance for your anwers.

  2. I looked into it recently. For the commodities options you want to trade, there is no electronic trading on options on futures. I think you have to use a full service broker. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Zemysto


    I believe there are some electronic options on commodities in the US.
    But I'm not sure. I'm trying to check...
  4. Could you pleasae let me know what you find out?