Best broker to sponsor you for series 7?

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  1. Of brokers who can sponsor you to manage money, i.e. get the series 7 and 66 licenses, which:

    1. have the lowest commissions
    2. have the lowest monthly fees
    3. have the best all around service (software, reliability, customer serviceetc.)

    I am referring to brokers who can sponsor to you manage other's money while you work for yourself, not in an office like GS, MS, AG Edwards etc.

    Are any of you in business for yourself? What's your story?

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    I have a basic question about this please help, I got into this business on my own (trade my own acct for years) and have recently garnered interest of family interest and a friend. I do not hold any licenses nor have I ever worked for anyone else in this field. To manage family/friend money would I need to get a license? TIA
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    I do not know if this matters but I trade futures and forex.
  4. I called both firms:

    LPL: unable to speak anyone who can help, placed on several holds, 5min hung up.

    Raymond James: They don't sponsor newbs

    The post above asks the same basic question. How does one who swing trades/day trades manage money, with whom, and who has the best comms/service?

    thx again
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    why do you want a series 7?