Best broker software for execution & scaling in/out rapidly?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Ken_DTU, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Ken_DTU


    Hi, I've been using cyberx2 for years (don't need the charts in pro, since I use esignal for charts), I was wondering, do any of you know brokers with any software that's markedly superior to cybertrader, if any exists?

    I'm a big fan of cyber and esignal, was just wondering if anything's come out lately, the last year or so, that can outdo any of cyber's software?

    I'm asking because I havent' tried out the various broker software recently, the last year or two, and I'm sure there's been innovations somewhere... i really like cyber, checking tho, to update etc.

    I don't like java, so tws is out.

    Main trading style is looking to fill 1-2K shares via arca for quick clips of from 2 to 20 minute round trips, tied to a broker with an exhaustive short list, like cybers.

    I need cyber-like or faster execution speeds, with confirmations in 1 to 5 seconds.

    let me know if anyone has any recommendations. stability and no downtime and speed of confirmations for dynamic position sizing and working reserve orders into the order flow is what I'm after etc...

    and no comments from brokers/shills lol, thanks - just Traders who've used a platform for 6months + and have also used cyberx2 and know how to compare them ... thx much all...

  2. Mecro


    Hammer is damn good for scalping
  3. Hi Ken,

    I use eSignal for charting with ButtonTrader as an execution, volume pressure / depth etc platform. ButtonTrader is the best I know of (of many I have tested) and it plugs into IB's TWS.

    The execution goes through IB, so speed is fastest in the industry, confirmations are often there within 200-600ms, plus they're very reliable (never let me down so far) and they have by far the largest short-inventory, at least AFAIK.

    I haven't used X2 for very long (1 month or so), but have an idea what you mean.

    If you want full stability and speed of confirmation for dynamic position sizing, and the tool to do this, then I'd say ButtonTrader through IB is the go definitely. You can test Button for free, by the way, even in recorded mode, and when you register, the fees are considerably lower than they are for X-Trader, J-Trader or the like, if you want to compare similar kind of capability platforms.

    I should also mention I'm an 'extreme scalper', often just cutting the B/A spread. I mainly trade ES & NQ now, but have used Button/IB for scalping stocks such as semi's, works beautifully, fills tend to happen almost in the moment you click, given the liquidity is there. Good Luck!

    Warmest Regards,

    P.S: Like your many posts, Ken - You're one of the few really bright and readworthy people on the board... :)
  4. Check Plateform is build for scalping.
    They have new version with U trn order, if you are short
    1000 shares and want to be long 1000 now, just send
    2000 buy orders and you are long 1000 shares only.
  5. Bob:
    I think one the best resources may be the Eurex Exchange. Following is the URL (
    In addition, there are discussion board that may be more help to you. Following is a URL for the Eurostox50 board based in the UK
    I am sorry to say that I am unfamiliar with the mnemonic term aside from the popular definition, and am ignorant of non-floor operated companies. I trade only the DAX and Stoxx50. I hope one of the URL's may be of help. Best Regards, Steve46
  6. Ken_DTU


    thx all, will look into each one... appreciate it, scientist re the positive comments ... will look at buttontrader and the others..

    so many new software programs out there, i thought it would be helpful to see if there's any new developments in order execution software..

  7. Hammer is pretty darn good, and I am not a prop or work for them, just a customer.

  8. AC3


    Without question Tradestation 7.1 blows the doors off of Cyberx2 ................. I only say that b/c I use 2 use Cybertrader and futz around 4 ages b4 I switched over......... the optional auto executions on ur strategy make it a slam dunk BTW commissions on eminis down 2 $5 a round turn after 10-31:)
  9. Ebo


    I could not agree more!
    CyberX2 is a childs toy compared to TS 7.1.
    I can not believe CyberTrader even offers X2 still.
    Their Pro Platform is not bad for charting but you must trade 25 RT a month or they whack you $249.

    Wanna laugh! They offer futures trading now on PRO.....If you are not flat at 4:15, they liquidate your futures position. that makes sense. No Thanks! I am VERY happy with TS.
  10. Scientist

    Would you mind telling me what settings you use on P4 and P5 when you are scalping?
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