Best broker for small account futures?

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  1. Years ago I had an OEC account. I didn't use it much. Then they started charging inactivity fees so I closed it. Now there are MES MNQ futures and I feel like trading again.

    What's the best brokerage for a small account, like $1,000? The charting program I use is SierraChart unless there's something better.
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    Try It's the feel-good broker for peeps! No frills!
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  3. Not for day trading, IB intraday margin requirements are too high for a small account.

    Although OP didnt say if he was day trading. He will struggle to trade even one micro lot at IB with a $1,000 account

    Amp futures only require $50 margin for 1 micro MES/MNQ lot intra day, and M2K is probably half that.
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    Amp but you will need to wire them your funds. The ACH doesn’t work. At least none, absolutely not one, of the banks I know could make it work the AMP. They could make it work with Charles Schwab yes but not AMP. sierra package 3 is offered free by AmP
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  7. Amp Futures. Been with them since 2012. They are good.
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  8. If you go with interactive broker or td ameritrade or whatever you are an idiot. Amp gives you free platforms ... if you need it. I just use cqg app on my phone. But you can always sign up for td ameritrade thinkorswim and never fund it and you will get free live data... thats what i do.