Best broker for shorting ETFs such as EEM?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by smokyfever, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I trade the following ETFs long and short depending on the market conditions: QQQQ, SPY, MDY, IWM, EFA, and EEM. I have an account with Interactive Brokers. However, I have not been able to short EEM because IB gives me a message stating that the shares are not available. The shares are shortable through IB, but there are just none available at the time I want trade. I have been extremely satisfied with IB in everything except this one point. I have no problem shorting the other 5 ETFs listed above.

    My question is this: What is the best broker to use for shorting ETFs like I describe above, in particular EEM?

    I appreciate your input and thank you all in advance for any guidance in this matter.

    Thank You,