Best broker for NYMEX

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by coolraz, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. coolraz


    I am currently with IB. Pretty happy right now but I intend to increase the number of contracts I trade and slippage will be of concern (comissions really are not b/c they are such a small part relative to slippage).
    What is the absolute best broker for executing trades on NYMEX? would it be one of their Clearing Member companies? (I notice IB is not listed as one of those, does anyone know who they clear through?)
  2. wwwnet


    J-trader platform is all right ,I open with infinity (J-trader) for RCG, RCG is a clearing broker .
    IB is not a clearing broker,so I want to know ____ somebody think that the smart route of TWS will maybe make a slippage ,is that right?
  3. coolraz


    I guess you clear with RCG b/c they are member of NYMEX.

    What's the reason why don't you execute with them too?

    What is your total RT comission for CL, GC, NG ?
  4. wwwnet


    I like J-trader platform,J-trader platform usde by rcg,mf adm ect ,see J-trader web.and infinity is ok for me .

    the commission is close to all brokers about trading online,maybe mf is higher than rcg .