best broker for mini futures?

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  1. z32000


    what's the best broker for mini futures...
    with consideration to cost and ease of use (all the bells and whistles)?
  2. z32000


    I'm also interested in it's demo account
  3. OEC - Open E Cry

    Free charts free DOM quick fills, free for 2 weeks, good rates.
  4. ssss


    TA,PA,Infinity demo alsov good ,as not demanded .net downloading

    But all broker'S mentioned are not pure agent's of principal-

    If you win ,you win from they's pocket and that can not be long

  5. TOM134


  6. They charge $25 or so a month for their paper trader. They have a demo which is only good for 14 days.
  7. rover


    i'm very satisfied trading ES with TransAct. low commissions, great free platform, great service and choice of low cost charting software
  8. Velocity Futures :)
  9. Global Futures with X_Trader free on transactional billing.
  10. You are incorrect. The OP is asking about exchange-traded e-mini contracts. Except for execution, clearing and platform fees, neither introducing brokers nor FCMs make or lose money when traders lose or win. This may be true of OTC forex where the introducing broker is taking the other side of your trade; however, for exchange-traded products the counterparty is always another trader.
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