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  1. any suggestions for the best micro broker? I need one that has a windows-based (not web-based) platform with good charting. I cannot stand crappy charting.

    At the same time I need good micro lot sizing.
  2. Oanda has pissed me off recently, but they let you trade any size you want.

    Stay the fuck away from FXCM. Period.

    Total scam operation.
  3. I saw Boris Schlossberg on Bloomberg the other morning. Looks like he jumped from FXCM to GFT.
  4. Interbankfx runs with Metatrader so charting is good.
    Micro available, trade 1 cents per tick.
    Spread can widen some times, sunday afternoon, and on news or at random times but it's usually ok.
    Would recommend but not the best. As long as I know it's the best for micro.
  5. Hell, it looks like Kathy Lien jumped ship too. Both are at GFT now according to a quick google search.

  6. They were on Wall Street Warriors last year, interviewing someone. The FXCM offices looked cheap.
    I like their charts, though.
    Regardless, I'm with Yolanda. Can't pronounce Oanda:p
  7. He was on CNBC the other day as well, saying 90 for Usd/Jpy is probably the intervention line-in-the-sand.

  8. Forgot to mention that execution with Interbankfx is TERRIBLE. Not bad, really terrible. What am I doing there?
  9. Surdo


    I used to follow the Lien/Schlossberg comments on FXCM before they moved to GFT, so I subscribed to their signal service, I was less than impressed.

    Sorry Kat, and Boris are nothing but a huge marketing machine.
  10. Is MB trading worth a try? Is it a true ECN?
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